Build and Deploy XAML Apps for the .NET Framework

Build and Deploy XAML Apps for the .NET Framework

Xamlon, Inc. released its application development package, Xamlon Pro 1.0. Composed of an XAML run-time engine and tool set, Xamlon Pro 1.0 equips developers with the essentials to begin coding in XAML, the XML-based markup language for Microsoft s next-generation operating system scheduled to debut in 2006.

 Introduced by Microsoft in 2003 as the new user interface language for its next operating system, XAML allows developers to separate user interface code from application logic, providing better control over interface layout and drastically reducing development time. This two-tier development model allows developers to change the user interface without rewriting logic and event-handling code.

 With Xamlon Pro 1.0, developers can use XAML to rapidly build and deploy applications for current versions of Windows, gain experience in the future of Windows user interface development, and write applications that will port easily to future platforms.

 A key feature of Xamlon Pro 1.0 is an XAML run-time engine that enables developers to generate and compile XAML files to create deployable .exe files. Xamlon Pro 1.0 also includes tools and converters that allow developers to use the engine in conjunction with common design programs such as Visual Studio.NET 2003 and Adobe Illustrator. In addition, XamlPad, an XAML notepad, offers XAML interface prototyping. Xamlon also offers online XAML education and extensive community forums.

 A trial version of Xamlon Pro 1.0 is available at the company s Web site.


Xamlon, Inc.

Price: US$399 per developer (includes a one-year subscription)

Web Site:


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