ASP.NET: Tips, Tutorials, and Code



ASP.NET: Tips, Tutorials, and Code

Of the three ASP.NET books SAMS Publishing had on the market at the time of this review, ASP.NET: Tips, Tutorials, and Code is by far the best.


Spread across 19 chapters and three appendices, you'll find more new material - and more interesting discussions of .NET concepts - than in any other SAMS book. From concepts like ASP.NET coding and page techniques, to debugging, caching, state management, and even mobile controls, Tips, Tutorials, and Code is a good overall reference. I especially liked Scott Mitchell's contributions. Among them are sections that explain the generation of on-the-fly graphics, reading and writing to the Windows event log, and reading and displaying various Windows performance counters in an ASP.NET page.


If you find yourself scratching your head about the caching options available to speed up an ASP.NET site I recommend taking a look at Donny Mack's coverage of this topic found in Chapter 15. It's one of the most thorough discussions of the topic I have seen anywhere (including the Internet).


I expect a book on ASP.NET to go further than the quick-start tutorials shipping with the .NET Framework SDK and to not contain a lot of useless filler material. Tips, Tutorials, and Code is such a book.


- Thomas Wagner


ASP.NET: Tips, Tutorials, and Code by Scott Mitchell, Steve Walther, Doug Seven, Donny Mack, Chris Payne, Billy Anders, Adam Nathan, Dan Wahlin, SAMS Publishing,



ISBN: 0-672-32143-2

Cover Price: US$49.95

(878 Pages, CD-ROM)



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