ASP.NET AJAX Gauge Control by DevExpress

ASP.NET AJAX Gauge Control by DevExpress

DevExpress announced the availability of the ASPxGauge Component Suite. Built and optimized for Visual Studio .NET, this Gauge control simplifies the way in which developers create and deliver dashboard-style UIs to their customers.

 With the DevExpress Gauge control for ASP.NET, the following features and options are available to you when building your next dashboard-style interface:

  • 130 ready to use gauge presets
  • 10 visual styles
  • Four individual gauge types, including: Circular Gauge, Linear Gauge, State Indicator, and Digital Gauge
  • Built-in gauge data binding support
  • Real-time performance support


To learn more about the ASPxGauge Suite and how you can build digital dashboard-style applications using this new control, visit


Developer Express

Price: Contact DevExpress

Web Site:


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