AccuSoft Announces New Version of ImageGear for .NET

AccuSoft Announces New Version of ImageGear for .NET

AccuSoft announced a new release of ImageGear for .NET. The new release provides programmers with a comprehensive solution to accelerate development of .NET Framework 3.0 solutions and Vista applications using fully managed code. Developers can also add imaging capabilities to existing .NET Framework applications. In addition to providing support for .NET Framework 3.0, the new release also features support for Direct 3D 10, Microsoft s latest graphics platform, as well as comprehensive image, file, and digital camera raw format support. The product is expected to be generally available by June 29, 2007.

 With this new release, AccuSoft provides native .NET support for digital camera raw formats from 100 of the most widely used digital cameras from manufacturers, including Cannon, Konica Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, and Sony. Furthermore, developers can easily integrate next-generation DirectX 10 and Direct3D features into their .NET applications. New methods for image processing, such as red-eye removal, mosaic, solarize, and more, have also been added to the product s API. These new enhancements combine with standard features, including extensive support for CAD/Vector, Adobe PDF/PS, JPEG 2000, DICOM, and numerous other file formats. Developers can also add annotation, recognition, scanning, and printing capabilities to applications with ImageGear for .NET. The product also provides .NET Compact Framework support, allowing developers to build solutions for PDAs and other mobile devices.


AccuSoft Corp.

Price: The new release of ImageGear for .NET will be available through AccuSoft by June 29, 2007, with pricing starting at US $1,995.

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