9Rays.Net Releases Spices.VSIP.Net

9Rays.Net Releases Spices.VSIP.Net

9Rays.Net announced the release of Spices.VSIP.Net. Spices.VSIP.Net (Visual Studio Integration Pack) is a set of plug-ins for .NET developers (Obfuscator, Decompiler, Modeler, Investigator, Informer) that allows them to use Visual Studio when working with their .NET assemblies. Spices.VSIP.Net offers a comprehensive set of tools for the complete assembly work cycle (develop, build, obfuscate, verify, debug, deploy).

 Other convenient features include an option to change obfuscation properties, as well as an auto-obfuscation option that is executed after compilation. In addition, Visual Studio Solution obfuscation can be turned on/off after compilation is complete, so the assemblies can be deployed to devices being tested or directly to CAB files. Debuggable assemblies can be generated, as well.

 A built-in viewer allows developers to view metadata and PE-files for the newly generated assemblies. Spices. VSIP.Net-generated documents (diagrams, decompiler outputs, etc.) are fully integrated into the Visual Studio environment.

 There are two versions available: Spices.VSIP.Net Obfuscator (includes the Obfuscator, Investigator, Modeler, and Informer plug-ins) and Spices.VSIP.Net Suite (includes all the components plus the Spices.Decomplier module, which decompiles .NET assemblies into six languages: MSIL, VB.NET, C#, MC++, J#, and Delphi.NET). Spices.VSIP.Net is distributed electronically over the Internet; a free demo version is available at the 9Rays.NetWeb site.



Price: See Web site.

Web Site: http://www.9rays.net


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