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9Rays.Net Releases Spices.Net 5.0

9Rays.Net Releases Spices.Net 5.0

9Rays.Net announced the release of Spices.Net 5.0, a suite of tools that provides .NET developers with a combination of features, including obfuscation, decompilation to six languages, documentation management services, modeling, and analytical features.

 Version 5.0 boasts a reworked interface that presents three modern look-and-feel styles, including Office 2003, Office XP, and Visual Studio 2005. The core element of the interface is FlyGrid.Net, a flexible data grid. Spices.Net now integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2005.

 Version 5.0 provides several new features, including multitasking. Tasks are now separated and executed in separate threads. A priority status for each executed task can be specified. Developers can launch urgent tasks without delays and work on other tasks simultaneously. All launched tasks can be managed from the TaskList, where you can view the current state of executed tasks, pause, continue, or stop any of them. Also new is automation, which allows you to use Spices.Net tools in different scripts for automation of tasks. Now the user may use decompilation and obfuscation of Spices.Net in scripts or in C#/VB.NET applications.

 New to Spices.Decompiler is Visual Decompiler, which allows developers to build a code flow diagram to better analyze code execution. Now you can set the priority for decompilation tasks and execute several tasks simultaneously. Also, decompilation tasks may be executed automatically.

 Another new tool is Spices.Localizer, designed to extract localized information from .NET assemblies and create localization tables. These tables may be used in Spices.Obfuscator for localization of applications. Also new, Spices.Obfuscator offers an expanded set of protection tools and services.

 Using Spices.Solution, developers can create different configurations and packages of their applications and obfuscate them all at once. New to version 5.0 is anonymizer technology, which lets you mask code, making it impossible to decompile or disassemble.

 Spices.Net 5.0 runs under Windows platforms starting with Windows 98 and requires .NET 1.0 or later. Visit the 9Rays.Net Web site for complete details about licensing and pricing. Licensed customers are entitled to free upgrades and technical support. Download an evaluation copy at


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