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MySpace, Hulu and more on Windows Live this week

From Microsoft:

23 new third-party feed partners and 4 new contacts partners will be rolling out globally on Windows Live this week, giving 500 million+ Windows Live customers even more ways to share their online lives and communicate with the people they care about. 

What's New:

  • Feed partners available to consumers this week at include MySpace, Hulu, Goodreads and a host of regional web companies (full list available here.)
  • New contacts partners, including AOL, Google and Hyves, join Facebook, hi5, LinkedIn and MySpace this week in allowing Windows Live customers to securely share and exchange contacts between Windows Live and these social networks. 

With more than 50 leading global and regional web companies now available on Windows Live, customers can easily share their activities from across the Web from the sites that are most important to them.

More info on the Windows Live Blog:

Last year, when we updated Windows Live services, we added a broad range of partnerships with leading web companies, to make it simpler for you to share your activities across a number of popular web sites with the people you care about the most.

We know that you have a busy life online, with multiple accounts on separate websites for sharing different things in many different contexts – from blog posts to status updates to photos, and more. That’s why we keep adding more feed and contacts partners to Windows Live – so that you have one place to visit to see what your friends are up to, and one easy way of sharing updates with your network.

Not only does this help simplify your life online, it also opens up the possibility of discovery. By adding these feeds to your profile, you can help your friends discover new things and ideas they hadn’t known, and you will get the same experience by learning about some of the things they decide to share.

In April, we rolled out even more partnerships, including some of the most popular international sites for our customers around the world

Today, we are happy to announce that 23 new feed partners are rolling out in Windows Live this week. New feed partners span a variety of online destinations like blogging sites, music and video sites, photo sites, news sites, reviews sites, portals and social networks, including Blingee, BuddyTV, Goodreads, Hulu, Judy’s Book, MySpace, Newsvine, OleOle, Qik and SlideShare. For a complete list of Windows Live partners, click here.

Adding feeds to your Windows Live Profile is easy. Simply click “Add Web activities” on the left side of your Windows Live Profile page, and select the partner sites you’d like to add. For more detailed instructions on how to add these feeds see our previous blog post.

Also, starting today, you will be able to easily invite friends from AOL Google and Hyves to Windows Live, and vice versa. These contact partners join existing contact partners like Facebook and LinkedIn. By providing you the option to bring in your contacts from different networks, Windows Live makes it simple for you to manage your contact lists from one place by consolidating them on Windows Live. For a quick tutorial on how to share contacts between Windows Live and third party sites, refer to this previous blog post by Rob Dolin.

To get started, visit your Windows Live homepage at

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