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Mozilla puts Safari's '11 million downloads' in perspective

LOL. As if it weren’t bad enough that Apple was force feeding Safari 4 to its customers and then gloating about the number of downloads it achieved, we have this bit of news from Mozilla’s Asa Dotzler, which really puts that figure in perspective.

I just read that Apple is reporting 11 million Safari 4 downloads in just three days. That's pretty amazing.

I'd like to follow up that report with one of my own.

Firefox 3.0.11 was downloaded about 150 million times in the last 24 hours.

Ahahaha. That’s good stuff. Or as CNET’s Matt Asay puts it, it makes Apple’s number “almost a rounding error.”

It would be spiteful, but all too easy, to put most of Apple’s claims to the test like this and reveal them to be the silliness that they really are. It continues to astonish me that Apple gets such a pass in the tech media.

Thanks to Marlon H. for the tip.

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