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More sensational pseudo-journalism from the blogger crowd

This stuff is so predictable it's getting boring. Check out this piece of insanity:

Vista fiasco continues with retreat to XP
Fall back! Fall back! Microsoft’s announcement yesterday of the “Extended Availability of Windows XP Home for ULCPCs” is more evidence that the Windows Vista fiasco is still growing.

Let's follow the logic here. Microsoft's latest OS won't run on a new family of underpowered PCs (which, by the way, actually use the term "Low Cost" in their name), so this is a sign of ... what? That they failed to anticipate the toy PC market? Come on.

Microsoft is scrambling to stay relevant in a world where they are no longer the only game in town. Can’t let Linux become the default OS for low-cost systems, can we?

Because it's both funny and relevant, here's yet another look at the relevance of Windows and Linux today (the chart below tracks 2007 OS market share). So I guess this guy is right. Windows isn't the only option people have. You just have to squint hard to find Linux, like in those optical illusion paintings you see at the mall.

Thanks to Matt M. for tipping me off to this claptrap.

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