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More Info on Windows Home Server "Vail"

Microsoft forwarded some more info about today's Vail announcement.

Later this morning (April 26), Microsoft will announce the availability of the public beta for the next version of Windows Home Server, code name "Vail." The announcement will be made on the Windows Home Server team blog.

The new version of Windows Home Server includes feature improvements in four key areas:

  • Extending media streaming outside the home or office
  • Improvements in multi-PC backup and restore
  • Simplified setup and user experience
  • Significantly expanded development and customization tools for partners

The announcement will also touch on these points:

  • The beta is available today for anyone to download and start testing. Users can sign up for and download the beta here:
  • The beta runs on a 64-bit platform and is an English language build
  • As part of the beta, there’s also a new software development kit (SDK) for developers who want to create add-in applications using Vail’s new extensible programming model.
  • Microsoft is recommending that because this is beta code, testers should install the code on a secondary computer to ensure maximum testing scenarios and the best possible experience.

More info as it becomes available. This is clearly a developing story. :)

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