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Modding the WDTV

Apparently, there's quite a community growing up around Western Digital's excellent WDTV set-top box. I got an email today from Christopher C., who told me about two sites dedicated to modding the thing (and providing links to updated versions of the legit firmware, both release and beta versions). Good stuff if you want something like the Apple TV that's cheaper, more expandable, and now, apparently, about as extensible.

They are:

WDLXTV is a souped up unofficial firmware for the Western Digital WDTV. It is based off of the 1.02.03 firmware, but with many extra features. Similar to my dvdmod firmware, this is a permanent flash, just like an official upgrade. This firmware is an option for those whos hardware is stable with Zoranders ext3-boot, or those who don’t do much firmware programming to take advantage of ext3-boot. Once again, ext3-boot is for (sorta) pro’s and testers whereas WDLXTV is for everyday use.

Covers official WD TV new pre-release firmware and B-rad's WDLXTV firmware.

Good stuff. Thanks Christopher.

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