Surface Pro 3 #Batterygate to Get a Software Fix

Surface Pro 3 #Batterygate to Get a Software Fix

If you’ve been following along, many owners of Surface Pro 3 tablets have been experiencing issues with battery capacity – particularly those with certain types of batteries and those devices that are out of warranty.

After back and forth finger pointing for the past month or so, Microsoft has finally determined that it can solve the battery capacity problem with a software update.

Per an update in the original Microsoft Answers thread:

Hello everyone,

Thanks for your patience as we’ve worked though the details here. We can now confirm that this Surface Pro 3 battery capacity question is not a hardware issue, but one that can be addressed with a software update. Our team has been working on, and is now testing, an update that will address this. We’ll publish the update as soon as it has passed our quality assurance process. For now, you should not consider replacing your device as an update is pending.

Thanks again for your input on this. We appreciate it and we’ll share more when the update is ready.


Panos Panay, Microsoft’s devices guy, took to Twitter to point Batterygate watchers to the thread.

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