Surface Pro 3 and Surface RT Get March Updates

Surface Pro 3 and Surface RT Get March Updates

Once a month, usually about a week after Patch Tuesday, Microsoft will release firmware updates for its Surface line of tablets. This month, however, Microsoft is making the firmware updates available on the same day as Patch Tuesday, but only for a couple models.

Shockingly this month, the original tablet, the Surface RT, receives its first firmware update since August of 2014. It's the Surface version that just won't die, though many though it was dead already.

Here's what's available:

Surface Pro 3

Surface Pen Settings driver update (v3.0.64.0) enables new functionality and features for the Surface app found in the Windows Store.

Surface RT

Audio and Display driver set (v9.17.13.0907) improves audio and video experience and enhances system stability.

I have this month's update installed on my Surface Pro 3 and am having a bit of trouble finding any new functionality or features in the Surface Hub app. If you find something, let me know, but new functionality to the app itself probably can't come without an update. I expect a Surface Hub app update will be along shortly.

The Surface 2, Surface Pro, and Surface Pro 2 are not receiving updates this month. The Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro models were last updated in January, while the Surface 2 hasn't seen an update since October of 2014.


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