Surface Dock Updater Added to Surface Tools Suite

Surface Dock Updater Added to Surface Tools Suite

With this latest iteration of Surface devices, Microsoft is continuing to improve the tools and methods available for managing the devices. I recently covered the Surface Data Eraser Utility and the Surface Diagnostic Toolkit, but Microsoft has just added another new tool to the full Surface tools suite. This one is available for delivering updates directly to the company’s newest Surface Dock.

In the normal world, the Surface Dock is updated just like any other Surface device. Users can receive the updates via Windows Update when the dock is connected to a Surface device, or they can be downloaded and installed directly from the Microsoft Download Center. But, if you want a way to update multiple docks at once, this new tool should help.

Appropriately called the Surface Dock Updater, the new tool gives those tasked with keeping the company’s assets current the ability to update multiple docks from a central delivery store.

Download is available here: Surface Tools for IT

I’m a Surface Pro 4 user myself, and while the newest Dock is not as convenient as was the one available for the Surface Pro 3, it’s a solid accessory – despite being shockingly more heavy than it should be.

Amazon has the Surface Dock for $129.99 new, or $119.99 refurbished.

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