Surface 3 Driver for Mass Enterprise Deployment Now Available

Surface 3 Driver for Mass Enterprise Deployment Now Available

With Microsoft's latest Surface family entry available, some companies might want to deploy these tablets en masse. But, out of the box, the Surface 3 doesn’t match its older sibling, the Surface Pro 3, for deployment purposes.

Today, Microsoft has released a new driver specifically designed to make the Surface 3 a deployable device and bring additional enterprise-level features to the smaller tablet.

The company has bunched the new Surface 3 driver with the rest of its Surface device downloads at the common Microsoft Download Center location.

Go here: Surface software, firmware, and drivers

Look for Surface3_150504.msi and in the list.

I spent some time with the Surface 3 in the Microsoft Store at Microsoft Ignite last week. While it's comparable to the Surface Pro 3, the footprint is much smaller. I'm always wishing for more screen real estate with my Surface Pro 3, which is why I utilize the dock with multiple monitors, so the Surface 3 size means I get even less.

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