Surface 3 can now be pre-ordered from Amazon and Best Buy

Surface 3 can now be pre-ordered from Amazon and Best Buy

The launch of the Surface 3 is already shaping up to be very different from past Surface device launches.

First, they made pre-orders available on the day they announced the new device, along with its dock, keyboard and pen accessories. The Surface 3 will be available in 26 markets two days after it is available in retail stores and online (05 May) and not several weeks later.

So far it is shaping up to be a huge launch. You can read my comments and see images of the Surface 3 from my visit to the local Microsoft Store yesterday.

Well two more opportunities to get the device pre-ordered are now available which is another step that is well ahead of past Surface launches.

As of today Amazon and Best Buy are now sources to get your Surface 3 ordered for delivery/pickup on 05 May 2015.

Each retailer is only offering the WiFi versions of the device as the LTE enabled models are not due out until later this year. I suspect those will likely be available through Amazon and Best Buy when the time comes though.


Surface 3 (2GB RAM/64GB storage)

Surface 3 (4GB RAM/128GB storage)

By the way, Amazon is carrying the Surface Pen, which is compatible with the Surface 3, for just $40.95. That is $9 off the normal $49.95 price of the pen. Since this pen is not included with the Surface 3 that is a great deal to go ahead and get one or even a spare for your Surface Pro 3 since they are the same pen.

I could not find a listing for the other Surface 3 accessories such as the colored Surface Pens or the Type Covers.

Best Buy

After I visited my local Microsoft Store I stopped at the Best Buy I used to work at to see if they had the Surface 3 yet. They had not yet received their display model but I was told they were expecting it at anytime. They did have a sign up on the Surface Table about pre-orders and were ready to assist customers with their pre-order process.

They have a Surface 3 pre-order page on the Best Buy website and they have Surface 3 accessories ready for pre-ordering as well including all colors of the Surface Pen, Type Covers, dock and even screen protectors.

So now you have multiple retail options for getting your Surface 3. Will you be pre-ordering or waiting until the launch on 05 May?

Source:   NeoWin

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