Microsoft Unveils New Signature Edition Surface Pro 3/4 Keyboard

Microsoft Unveils New Signature Edition Surface Pro 3/4 Keyboard

Today Microsoft has released a new Surface Pro 3/4 keyboard for those users who might want a more high end feel to go along with their hardware devices.

It is based on all the current hardware specs for the latest Surface Pro keyboards with the full QWERTY keyboard with the extra spacing between the mechanical keys, a large glass trackpad and the standard magnetic connector for attaching it to your Surface Pro 3/4.

The big differentiator for this Signature Edition keyboard is the material that is used to cover the accessory.

The Signature Type Cover is crafted in a stunning, two-tone gray mélange style of Alcantara—a unique, proprietary material, sourced only in Italy, with aesthetic, sensory, and technical qualities like nothing you've ever experienced.

Alcantara material ages beautifully, growing richer and darker over time and is wonderfully soft to touch.

Sourced in Nera Montoro, outside of Milan in Italy, Alcantara is a unique and innovative material used in high-end luxury products like fashion, automotive, and interiors—it brings an unparalleled level of design and sophistication to everything. This Signature Type Cover features a gorgeous two-tone gray mélange that pairs perfectly with your Surface.

I must admit I do like the look of this keyboard and its cover material matches very nicely with the magnesium of the Surface Pro.

Here are some additional images from Microsoft:

Signature Edition Surface Pro Keyboard

Signature Edition Surface Pro Keyboard

Signature Edition Surface Pro Keyboard

This Signature Edition Surface Pro keyboard retails for $159.99 at the Microsoft Store and that is the same price as the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover with Fingerprint Reader.

If you are interested check out this YouTube video about the Signature Edition Surface Pro 3/4 keyboard. As I watched this I must admit it feels a bit Apple-esque.

What do you think of this new keyboard accessory for Surface?

Via: The Verge

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