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Microsoft Band Tip: Customize Your Band's Wallpaper

Microsoft Band Tip: Customize Your Band's Wallpaper

Using a third party app

Windows Central's Daniel Rubino has tipped us off to a neat new Windows Phone app that lets you customize the wallpaper on Microsoft Band with the image of your choice. As you may know, Band comes with 12 built-in wallpapers (and 13 color schemes), most of which are just patterns. But with this app, you can make your Band truly customized.

The app is unfortunately named Pimp my Band and is available for 99 cents from the Windows Phone Store, though there is a free trial version available too. Daniel highlighted this app today on Windows Central after teasing it a bit on Twitter. Curious how this would work, I grabbed it as well.

The UI is simple enough and mimics the look of the Personalize Band area of the Microsoft Health app (which is used to sync Band data with your phone and thus to the cloud). I tried it first with the holiday wallpaper I'm currently using on my PCs, tablets and phones.

When you tap the Save button, the app changes the wallpaper on your Band to match your choice. Not too shabby!

I'll update the Microsoft Band Field Guide tonight to cover this app. I guess the only worry here is that it might impact battery life, but if you're charging daily as I recommend that shouldn't be an issue.

You can get Pimp my Band for 99 cents from the Windows Phone Store. (It can't be installed to an SD card if that matters to you.)

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