Blade Surface Book Lock

I was recently able to take the latest cabled security lock from Compulocks Brands, Inc. for a spin. You might think that locks like these are sort of a waste considering tablets and laptops are intended to be highly mobile gadgets, but for a corporate environment, they are a must. I don't what it is - maybe its because the company supplies the devices and there's not a personal financial responsibility attached - but end users will leave their devices laying around for hours while they share in office camaraderie, go out to lunch, and other things. A lock like the one from Maclocks/Compulocks is a worthy addition to ensure a level of safety against having the devices stolen.

This one is originally intended for the Surface tablet series (Pro 3, Pro 4), but has been tested to work equally well with the Microsoft Surface Book. Considering the Surface Book costs a chunk of change, its probably a good idea to keep it tethered securely so it doesn't somehow happen to just walk off on its own.

This lock is available from Amazon for around $60: Maclocks Blade Universal Laptop and Tablet Bracket with Keyed Straight Cable Lock

Check out the Maclocks web site for security options for additional devices.

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