Best Buy offering minimum $200 tablet trade in value towards Surface Pro 3

Best Buy offering minimum $200 tablet trade in value towards Surface Pro 3

We have already heard about the release of Surface 3 which will be available in early May and is currently being offered through pre-orders at multiple retailers including Best Buy.

There have also been rumors about the release of a successor to the Surface Pro 3 which is expected sometime this summer and likely will be connected with the release of Windows 10.

As a step to possibly help move stock along to clear the shelves for the arrival of a new high end Surface Pro tablet Best Buy is offering a trade in opportunity that can help cut the cost of that Surface Pro 3 purchase by at least $200.

The offer, which is only available in the US and is currently scheduled to run until 18 April 2015, will give you at least a $50 Best Buy gift card for your current working tablet plus a $150 coupon that can only be used towards the purchase of a Surface Pro 3. Depending on the condition and model of your current tablet that gift card amount could be higher.

I went to the Best Buy trade in website to see just how much they are offering for past Surface tablets in this deal and here is what I found:

Surface RT 32GB - $62

Surface RT 64GB - $89

Surface 2 32GB - $86

Surface 2 64GB - $120

Surface Pro 64GB - $142

Surface Pro 128GB - $186

Surface Pro 2 64GB - $220

Surface Pro 2 128GB - $270

Surface Pro 2 256GB - $301

Surface Pro 2 512GB - $435

Note: These trade in prices are based on the tablets being in good condition. According to Best Buy that is defined as Light Wear and Tear. Minor Scratches/Scuffs on Screen and/or Body. Functions properly and runs off battery. No Cracked Screen.

The offer is available online and in store but I suggest making this trade in the store since it is only active for a short period of time.

So depending on your current tablet you could get yourself a nice discount on that Surface Pro 3 that you have been waiting to get. The question remains is there enough value in those trade ins to take advantage of this?

Source: Best Buy with H/T to WinBeta and NeoWin.

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