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Apple's iPhone X Updates and the Best Smartphones for Business

The release of Apple's updated iPhone X line warrants an evaluation of the best smartphones for business.

The release of the newest iPhones, and iOS 12, will no doubt have people lining up at Apple Stores, but, of course, the iPhone is just one of many good choices when it comes to business smartphones.  

What makes a good smartphone for business use? A speedy processor, of course. A sharp display with enough real estate to answer emails, do some light word processing, and make quick edits to spreadsheets and presentations on the go. Something durable, secure, with good battery life. Here we’ve assembled a collection of some of our favorite current models, which offer a mix of value and performance. We’ve included the flagship models from the usual suspects, along with a budget pick that won’t raise eyebrows in accounting. There's even one with actual raised keys, for those who miss a physical keyboard. In fact, this list could have easily expanded to 15 or 20 great phones for business. The Huawei P20 Pro is a fantastic phone, for example, but we focused here on models you can buy directly from U.S. carriers. We think any of these are a solid choice for use in the enterprise.

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