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MobileMe photo upload finally fixed on Windows

I check almost every single day to see whether it’s finally possible for Windows users to upload photos to MobileMe using a Web browser. It’s never worked right. But as of today, it actually works.

To be a bit more clear, it “sort of worked” before in that it would work on only one supported browser (Safari) and only if you logged onto the site with your full email address (i.e. [email protected]” instead of just “name”). It also worked in this way with, go figure, IE 7. (Which is not supported.)

However, until very recently, you could not upload photos to MobileMe with Mozilla Firefox 3. At all. Now it works: You click the “Choose” button in the Uploads pop-up window and you actually get a normal Windows File Open dialog, as you’d expect. So over two weeks later, Apple is finally supporting photo uploads in Windows. Wee.

Now if they could just start supporting free calendars like Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, and Windows Live Calendar, this service might turn into something interesting and—perish the thought—something I could actually recommend. And let’s not forget integration with Windows Live Photo Gallery/Windows Photo Gallery. Throw us Windows users a bone, Apple.

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