Product Review: Field Muzetto Bag for Surface Pro 4

Owning and using a bag from Waterfield (@SFBags) is a luxurious experience. I go between feeling like I’m in an Indiana Jones movie and being front-and-center in a J. Peterman catalog. I’m a bag guy. The bag I choose has to be comfortable but also make me highly mobile, productive, and efficient. This means the pockets have to be in the right places, is just large enough to manage my traveling stash, and has to look good. I’m by no means a fashion plate, but if a company can deliver a useful bag that I don’t look too goofy carrying, they’ve managed to accomplish the impossible.

And, that’s clearly what Waterfield continues to accomplish time after time. If you’ve never experienced a Waterfield bag, you don’t know what you’re missing. When I was first introduced to Waterfield, it seemed like I was the only one who knew about these quality bags. But, as time has grown I actually find others using these. I was at an event in Minneapolis a couple weeks ago and saw no less than 3 Waterfield bags. Like a secret Illuminati society, we passed each other in the hallway and nodded knowingly as a signal.

Up to now, I’ve been traveling with the WaterField Vitesse Messenger bag. Despite its larger-than-I-like size, this bag is pretty deceiving. The less you carry, the less space it takes up. But when you need to transport more than just a laptop and peripherals across an airport terminal (I’ve found a way to also use this bag to carry my DSLR and lenses safely), it reacts like a Mary Poppins bag, able to store anything you shove into it in a seeming black hole built somewhere inside.

Waterfield is also extremely good at delivering solutions for just-announced new devices. As the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book hit the limelight recently, Waterfield was on the case with offerings to match. I’ve been testing the Surface Pro 4 version over the past couple weeks and am happy to say that Waterfield has once again delivered a fantastic solution. The bag is sized just right, highly durable, and contains the pocket features I need to be highly mobile yet carry just what I need for a trip.

Take a look through the gallery above to get a better look at the features that make this a valuable bag for Surface Pro 4 owners.

For trips when I don’t need to carry my DSLR, this is what you’ll see me carrying – otherwise, I’ll still be slinging the Vitesse across my shoulder.

Waterfield also offers other size versions of the Muzetto so you can fit your device of choice. For example, the medium size is rated for the Surface Book or any 13-inch laptop and the large size can fit 15-inch devices.

The Surface Pro 4 version is $169. More info here: Field Muzetto

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