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Yes, Apple Releases an iPod Video

As expected, Apple Computer released new versions of its suddenly stagnant "iPod classic" line, adding video-playback capabilities, a bigger color screen, and a much thinner form factor than the previous generation. I haven't seen the new device in person yet, but the update looks solid, if fairly predictable. Frankly, I had hoped that the first video iPod would feature a horizontal, rather than vertical, form factor, with a wider screen. But it's not horrible. Sizes are 30GB and 60GB (and not 80GB or 100GB, as predicted), starting at $299. There's so much more possible here, but Apple deserves credit for evolving the design, if slightly, and for providing black and white models, like the iPod nano. The big news, of course, is that the new iPod supports video, albeit very small video. You can now download more than 2000 music videos and a whopping 6 short films (from Pixar, go figure) for $1.99 each from the iTunes Music Store. A tiny collection of newer TV episodes is also available for download, and Apple added a new "Video" section to the iTunes UI. This is barebones stuff, people. Even the WMV-based online movie download sites such as CinemaNow are better and more full-featured. On the other hand, this stuff can only improve. Stay tuned

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