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Xbox Music Pass will sell for $31.41 on Pi Day

Xbox Music Pass will sell for $31.41 on Pi Day

Each year nerds celebrate a unique day on the calendar in the middle of March.  The 14th of each March is called Pi Day because the numerical date lines up to create the first part of the mathematical constant Pi - 3.14. 

This year it is even more unique because if you add the year you then get two more digits of Pi - 3.1415.  Hold on to your hats because there is one more element of this year that allows Pi Day to carry the constant out to a total of 10 digits of Pi - 3.141592653 - by pausing at 9:26 and 53 seconds in the morning and evening. 

This unique line up of the first 10 digits of Pi will not happen again until March 2115.

OK - enough of the math lesson - lets get down to the good stuff about Pi Day.

Microsoft is celebrating the mathematical line up of Pi by offering a spectacular deal for a 12 month Xbox Music Pass at the online Microsoft Store. If you purchase an Xbox Music pass anytime on the 14th of March it will only cost you $31.41 - the first four digits of Pi.

Normally a 12 month Xbox Music Pass is $99 per year so this is over 65% off the normal price and a deal you should not pass up as the one subscription works on all the devices you access Xbox Music on.

I plan to grab one of these for sure as the timing is perfect with my current pass expiring at the end of this month.

Will you take advantage of this offer on Pi day?

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