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Xbox 360 Sells Out Quick as Some Complain of Glitches

So the Xbox 360 got off to an impressive start last week, as expected, with retailers and etailers around the United States selling out of the box within minutes of its initial availability. However, the Xbox 360 launch, which was accompanied by "midnight madness" events around the country, was somewhat marred later in the week when reports about overheating and buggy consoles hit tech sites like a ton of bricks. After a few days of evaluating these reports, three things are clear: One, most of the Xbox 360 problems seem to be related to the unit's power supply and not the console itself, which is good. Two, only a very small percentage of Xbox 360 customers have experienced any problems (and certainly in my own exhaustive time testing the unit, I've experienced no hardware problems at all), which is also good. Third, Microsoft has a PR nightmare on its hands. And that, no matter how you shake it, is bad

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