Windows Phone to Join the Windows 10 Insider Program

Windows Phone to Join the Windows 10 Insider Program

Despite some speed bumps in December, the Windows Insider program seems to be steaming along pretty nicely. Microsoft continues to tout the program's success, delivering several new Builds of Windows 10 last year to brave beta testers and taking in thousands upon thousands of submissions for feature requests.

Next week, on January 21, Microsoft is expected to reveal new milestones for Windows 10 to press, analysts, and anyone that wants to watch the live streaming event. But, also, as part of the overall show, Microsoft is rumored to announce new details for how Windows Phone will fit into the Windows 10 family. A newly released app for Windows Phone may help confirm the rumor.

Identified just late last week, a new app called "Phone Insider" is available for installation from the Windows Phone store. According to the app description…

The Phone Insider application provides registered Windows Insiders the ability to receive pre-release OS updates on their phone, directly from Microsoft.  For more information about registering and becoming a Windows Insider visit

So, it appears the app is a two-step process. Install the app, and then register for the Windows Insider program, if you haven't already. Right now, there's not much to do with the app. The initial screen describes the app a bit, and another screen requests a login which goes nowhere.

I suspect all will be revealed next week, so you might want to install this and wait patiently, if you plan to participate. Remember, Windows 10 is still a beta product. And, as we experienced in December, beta products can often times brick a computer or device.

You can grab the app from the Windows Phone store, by searching for "Phone Insider" or just clicking the following link and sending it to your Windows Phone:

Phone Insider in the Windows Phone store

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