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Windows Phone Book: Phone 0.2

A second update to the Phone chapter

Here’s the second update to the Phone chapter in Windows Phone Book. This is a significant update that adds several new sections of content.

As I had hoped, this chapter is proving quite a bit simpler and shorter than the previous chapter, People + Me. I should be able to wrap this one up very quickly and keep forging ahead.

The only caveat to that, again, is the “hands free” phone use/Bluetooth section. I’ll save that to the end, but I think it will still be pretty straightforward. We’ll see.

This update includes two new sections, Call a contact with your voice and Place a conference call, both of which are written. And I’ve written the Access your call history and Handle an incoming call sections. So it’s about 75 percent done, I think. I need to write a bit at the beginning, the “hands free” phone use/Bluetooth section, and the section on configuring Phone and related features (like ringtones).

Feedback is always appreciated.

Download Phone 0.2 (22 page PDF, 1.58 MB)

Download Windows Phone Book 0.039 (416 page PDF, 25.2 MB)

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