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Windows Phone Book: Phone 0.1

A less complicated chapter than the previous one

Here’s a first peek at the Phone chapter for Windows Phone Book. This first version offers a look at the chapter contents and includes a few finished sections.

Hopefully, this chapter will be more straightforward (and shorter) than the People + Me chapter. So far, that appears to be the case.

I’ve written the sections Understand the Phone app, Manually dial a phone number, Call a contact, and Access your voice mail (which includes several subsections).

The only possible sticking point now involves how deeply to cover “hands free” phone use, with Bluetooth and possibly non-Bluetooth headsets. I guess I’ll figure that out when I get to it.

Feedback is always appreciated.

Download Phone 0.1 (11 page PDF, 1.13 MB)

Download Windows Phone Book 0.038 (405 page PDF, 24.7 MB)

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