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Windows Phone Book: People + Me 0.5

A few more sections added to the chapter about contacts management

Here’s another small update to the People + Me chapter for Windows Phone Book. As with the last few updates, this one focuses on the section about the People hub, the Windows Phone contact management system.

Changes in this update include a short introduction, the Accounts and contacts section, and a few sub-sections in the People section (Understand the People tile, Tour the UI, and View and use post images).

I still haven’t written the Groups and Rooms sections, or the part about Me. Hopefully, one/two more updates will do it for this chapter.

More soon, feedback is always appreciated.

Download People + Me 0.5 (32 page PDF, 2.92 MB)

Download Windows Phone Book 0.035 (368 page PDF, 21.9 MB)

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