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Windows Phone Book: People + Me 0.4

Another update to the chapter about contacts management

Here’s another update to the People + Me chapter for Windows Phone Book. Like the previous updates, this one focuses on the section about the People hub, the Windows Phone contact management system.

There are a number of changes in this update.

I had to move some sections around so that the “flow” made more sense. Previously the “Interact with a contact” section was before the coverage of the global What’s New functionality, but those were reversed.

I wrote sections such as See what’s new with all of your contacts (including filtering the What’s New list, read and comment on posts, and “like” a post),Share a contact, See what’s new with a contact, See a contact’s photos, and View your communications history with a contact.

I also blocked out, but did not write, partial sections for the Groups and Rooms features, which I had previously left out by mistake.

Download People + Me 0.4

Download Windows Phone Book 0.034

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