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Windows Phone Book: Music, Videos and Podcasts 0.3

Two updates in one day? Sure, why not?

I don’t recall whether I’ve ever posted two updates to a chapter in a single day, so this may be a first. Here’s a third revision to the Music, Videos, and Podcasts chapter.

Please refer to the earlier update for information about the structural changes I made to the chapter.

Since then, I’ve made a few more.

I moved the discussions about music, videos, and podcasts out of the top of the chapter and into the beginning of each relevant section. That just makes more sense.

I finished the podcast section.

I started working on the music section, adding a list of Xbox Music features (that are applicable to Windows Phone 8), pasting in bits from Xbox Music Book.

Looking ahead, the music section is the only major part of this chapter that needs to be finished. That will happen concurrently with the Windows Phone 8 section in Xbox Music of course.

More soon.

Download Music, Videos and Podcasts 0.3

Download Book 0.012

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