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Windows Phone Book: Music, Videos and Podcasts 0.1

Windows Phone Book: Music, Videos and Podcasts 0.1

In tandem with Xbox Music Book, I’m working on the Music, Videos and Podcasts chapter for Windows Phone Book. Here’s an early and rough peek at that chapter, which consists of some introductory material and the section about using videos with the Music + Videos app in Windows Phone 8.

Note: Going forward I’ll be cross-posting each Windows Phone Book update to the SuperSite for Windows and the Windows Phone Book web site.

What you see here was written before I started working on Xbox Music Book, so it’s written like the previous chapters in Windows Phone Book, i.e. is not task-based. So the next update to this chapter will likely be converted from this format to the new task-based format, and I’m curious to see how well that works. But my expectation is that I can reuse the Windows Phone 8 portions of Xbox Music Book in this chapter.

For now, what we have is some introductory material, the section about using videos on Windows Phone 8, and some basic placeholders that represent the high-level organization of the rest of the chapter. In case, you missed it, it’s not possible (for now, I hope) to access Xbox Video-based video content on Windows Phone 8. That significantly impacts both Windows Phone 8 and this chapter, I think.

Anyway, I should have more soon as the non-Windows Phone content in Xbox Music Book is wrapping up.

Any feedback is appreciated, though of course the chapter is very early in development and will be changing a lot soon.

Download Music, Videos and Podcasts 0.1

Download Windows Phone Book 0.010

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