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Windows Phone Book: Maps + Location Chapter is Complete (For Now)

Windows Phone Book: Maps + Location Chapter is Complete (For Now)

A very rough draft for a chapter that’s going to change a lot in the future

Here is a second update to the Maps + Location chapter in Paul Thurrott’s Guide to Windows Phone 8. This chapter was previously split off from the Search chapter and will in fact be heavily revised again in a future update to cover the Nokia HERE Maps and Drive/Drive+ apps. This version covers Bing Maps and Local Scout.

This update in fact represents a rough first draft of this chapter, as it will stand in the initial 1.0 version of the book. In a future 1.1 version of the book, I will update it to cover those Nokia HERE apps as well. This is sort of a cheap way to help “finish” the initial version of the book in some ways. But since my family will be traveling in Europe soon, I thought it would be interesting for the Nokia HERE Maps and Drive/Drive+ apps coverage to include some slightly more exotic areas than we see here in Dedham.

This was originally part of a chapter I worked on very early in the process, back in late 2012. When I split off Search from Maps/Local Scout as part of a TOC reorg, I didn’t update it to support the task-based approach, and while I issued a single earlier revision of the chapter, there were no actual substantive updates. So this version of the chapter is significantly updated, with the task-based approach seen elsewhere in the book plus a lot of new content.

I’m getting pretty close to the finish line now, temporary though it may be. All I need to do now, I think, is finish a final update to the User Experience chapter and then go through the full book one last time. That’s 1.0.

Feedback is always appreciated. This one is probably pretty rough.

Download Maps + Location 0.2 (24 page PDF, 2.54 MB)

Download Windows Phone Book 0.066 (610 page PDF, 38.1 MB)

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