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Windows Phone Book: Internet Explorer 0.2

The IE Mobile chapter is about two-thirds complete now

Here’s a second update to the Internet Explorer chapter for Windows Phone Book. This update adds three sections of content to what is proving to be a very straightforward chapter that is now about two-thirds complete.

The following sections have been added in this update:

  • Tabs (including access tabs, delete a tab, create a new tab, open a link in a new tab, access tabs from the address bar, and open links from other apps in a new tab)
  • Recent (including access Recent, manage recent sites)
  • Favorites (including access Favorites, edit a Favorite, delete a Favorite, add a web page to Favorites, access Favorite web pages from the address bar, and access Favorites from the address bar button)
  • Pin a web page to the Start screen

I’d guess this chapter is about two-thirds complete (in first draft form, that is). What’s left? Sections like the introduction, UI tour, sharing, and watch a YouTube video. Should be quick: Like email, this topic is very straightforward.

Feedback is always appreciated.

Download Internet Explorer 0.2

Download Windows Phone Book 0.025

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