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Windows Phone Book: Getting Started 0.3

Another chapter heads toward completion

Here’s a third update to the Getting Started chapter in Paul Thurrott’s Guide to Windows Phone 8. This update includes information about choosing a Windows Phone handset.

This is not a comprehensive guide to purchasing a Windows Phone handset, with a phone-by-phone comparison. Instead, I focus on what I consider to be two key but general areas: The hardware components that you can find in various handsets and which I feel are important, and a short discussion about why I think you should serious consider purchasing a Nokia device, which can certainly help narrow down you choices.

Beyond this, I still need to write the opening part of the chapter, which concerns getting and setting up a Microsoft account.

More soon. Feedback is always appreciated.

Download Getting Started 0.3 (26 page PDF, 1.45 MB)

Download Windows Phone Book 0.063 (583 page PDF, 35.4 MB)

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