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Windows Phone Book: Getting Started 0.1

Another chapter in-progress, this time right at the start

Here’s a very early peek at another new chapter-in-progress for Windows Phone: This is the first chapter, Getting Started. It focuses on configuring a Microsoft account, choosing a Windows Phone handset, and initial phone set up.

As you may recall, I’m also currently working on Chapter 2: The Windows Phone User Experience. But I’m getting bored with all this introductory stuff, so I’m trying to mix it up. With more introductory stuff. (I’m running out of things to write about.) I’ll probably work in a little of the revised Chapter 16 soon, too.

Anyway … This is very basic stuff, and not a lot of writing, despite the page count. I’ve only written part of the Set up your phone section, which will include bits about initial phone setup (done) plus some post setup tasks, as well as restoring a phone from a backup.

Feedback is always appreciated.

Download Getting Started 0.1 (14 page PDF, 958 KB)

Download Windows Phone Book 0.059 (570 page PDF, 34.9 MB)

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