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Windows Phone Book: Games 0.2

Games chapter is about two-thirds complete

Here’s a second look at the in-progress Games chapter for Windows Phone Book. This version of the chapter includes several additional sections and is about two-thirds complete.

As noted earlier, this chapter should be very short—though the number of screenshots is making it appear otherwise; the actual text parts are short—and should be done by the weekend.

This update adds the following sections: Tour of the Games hub, View and configure your online persona (which includes sub-sections about having fun with the avatar, viewing your profile, viewing and editing your bio, customizing your avatar, and viewing your achievements), and the rest of Interact with your Xbox LIVE friends (including see which friends are online, view a friend’s profile, send a message, read, respond, and delete a message, and remove a friend).

Just a few bits are left: Find games in the Xbox Games Store and Play Games, plus the introductory material, which will describe Xbox LIVE and which LIVE features are available on Windows Phone (and which require a Gold subscription). That last part is the wild-card, from a length perspective. I’m going to try and keep it short.

Feedback is always appreciated.

Download Games 0.2 (21 page PDF, 1.64 MB)

Download Windows Phone Book 0.028 (335 page PDF, 18.13 MB)

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