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Windows Phone Book: Capturing and Enjoying Photos 0.2

More content about the Camera app

Here’s a second update to the Capturing and Enjoying Photos chapter in Windows Phone Book. This update adds most of the content for the second half of the chapter, which focuses on using the camera.

Now that it’s about half written, I have a good idea what a written-from-scratch, task-based chapter looks like. And I like how it’s unfolding. It should be relatively short, in part because the topic is so obvious and accessible, but I’m hoping this will be a good guide for how subsequent chapters will look as well.

The chapter is basically divided into two main parts: the Photos hub (manage and enjoy photos) and the Camera app (take photos and videos). Most of the new material in this update is in the second part and includes such topics as launching the Camera app, configuring the app, taking photos and videos, toggling the flash, using zoom, viewing previously taken photos, and so on.

As always, any feedback is appreciated.

Download Capturing and Enjoying Photos 0.2

Download Windows Phone Book 0.014

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