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Windows Phone Book: Capturing and Enjoying Photos 0.1

An early look at a new chapter for Windows Phone Book

Here’s a first and very early peek at the next Windows Phone Book chapter I’m working on: Chapter 15, Capturing and Enjoying Photos. As you might expect, this chapter focuses primarily on Camera and the Photos hub.

Only a few sections are written so far and then only roughly. But this chapter is an interesting one because it’s the first for Windows Phone Book that was written entirely with a task-based design in mind and I’m curious to see how quickly I can write it and how short it can be.

I’ve been working on this chapter concurrently with two other book-related things, Chapter 14. Music, Videos, and Podcasts, and Xbox Music Book. I will have updates to both soon, and could probably push them out now but I’m losing track of what’s updated. Certainly by the weekend.

Feedback is always appreciated. At this stage, I guess it would mostly be about the structure.

Download Capturing and Enjoying Photos 0.1

Download Windows Phone Book 0.013

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