Vomelon Bluetooth Sport Earbuds

I sometimes get surprised by the things that regularly show up at my doorstep for testing and review. One of those instances happened just recently when the Vomelon Bluetooth sport earbuds/headphones dropped here.

The specs and features are pretty much what you’d expect from devices that cost a lot more. Here’s the specs:

·         Bluetooth V4.1+A2DP+AVRCP

·         Enhanced bass and noise cancelling

·         100mAh battery for 5-6 hours of talk and play time

·         Durable and comfortable in-ear design.

·         Quality microphone for clear conversations.

·         On-device buttons for easy music control.

The sound quality for these are extraordinary and the fit is absolutely perfect. Additionally, they give the right mix of sound immersion that I really like from a set of fitness earbuds.

As some of you know from reading earlier reviews for audio devices for my running, I’m always on a quest and never quite satisfied with my music listening options. I will admit that I’m pretty happy right now, though. Despite the surprising quality of the ones from Vomelon, I’ll be sticking with the Bragi Dash and the Sony Walkman for now. But, I’ll be keeping the Vomelon earbuds close, as I’m handing them off the wife. She’s tried them on her walks and loves the fit and the sound. I may not be able to pull them away from her if I tire of the Dash or the Sony, but at only $20, I’ll get my own. And at that price - *SPOILER ALERT* - I think everyone I know will be getting them as gifts this Christmas.

You can snag the Vomelon earbuds from Amazon for around $20: Vomelon V6 Bluetooth Sports/Gym Headphones

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