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Verizon Launches TV Service

Watch out, cable and satellite companies: A new TV service provider is now online: Telephone giant Verizon has begun to take orders for a new product that will compete directly with cable and satellite TV. The company has started trials of its offering in a small community outside of Dallas, Texas. Residents of Keller, Texas, can order Verizon's new FiOS TV service, which also uses the company's new fiber-based network to deliver high-speed Internet, telephone, and other services. FiOS TV starts at $39.95 per month and offers 180 digital video and music channels, 20 HDTV channels, and video-on-demand. Phone companies are investing large amounts of money to upgrade their network to stay competitive and increase their product offerings. Cell phones, inexpensive phone services with VoIP, and cable-based Internet services have required phone companies to come up with ways to keep customers. The FiOS TV solution will be available in other markets by the end of the year, Verizon says

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