[UPDATE] Hike Activity Goes Missing in Microsoft Health Dashboard

[UPDATE] Hike Activity Goes Missing in Microsoft Health Dashboard

UPDATE: Just as mysteriously as it went missing, the Explore tile has reappeared. Whatever Microsoft was up to in the Microsoft Health dashboard, it seems they are finished now. I still have my feelers out there to hear the explanation and will share when I'm updated.

Late today (Friday) the Hike activity option has gone missing in the web-based Microsoft Health dashboard.

The Explore (Hike) Tile is still working on the Microsoft Band and recorded data seems to still be synching (it shows in the Health app), but trying to locate the information in the web dashboard is impossible.



I’ve reached out to my Microsoft Health team contacts to get a statement, but initial information suggests that the web dashboard is undergoing a huge facelift – potentially to prepare for a major Health app update and also in preparation for a Band 3 announcement.

Stay tuned. I’ll let you know more when I find out.

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