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TiVo Shows Off Series 3 at CES ... Again

For the second straight year, DVR pioneer TiVo showed off its Series 3 set-top box at CES, but this time the HDTV-based unit was presented with considerably less fanfare. Now due in late 2006, TiVo Series 3 will include dual HDTV tuners, two CableCard expansion ports, Ethernet, and an external SATA port for external hard-drive expansion. It supports every HDTV resolution possible (as well as standard definition) and comes with a sleek new remote. What's the hold-up, you ask? Apparently, TiVo is too busy losing money on its analog boxes to think much about the next generation, but hopefully the interest the company got at CES will remind TiVo that some people still want to live on the edge. Let's get going on this one, eh guys

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