TiVo Gives Away DVRs

In a bid to increase the size of its audience, digital video recorder (DVR) pioneer TiVo is returning to a tactic it's tried before with some success: The company is simply giving away its DVR hardware to customers who agree to long-term subscription plans. TiVo customers typically purchase the box and then pay monthly for the TiVo service, which includes software updates and TV guide data. Or, they can buy a lifetime subscription, which is good for the lifetime of the box, not the viewer. Under the new plan, customers can get a 40-hour TiVo box for free if they agree to pay $16.95 per month for the TiVo service for at least 1 year. That's not too horrible, although competing DVR solutions such as Microsoft's XP Media Center offer similar services for free. On the other hand, you're not going to see Dell giving away Media Center PCs for free any time soon

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