Surface Pro 3: Day One

Surface Pro 3: Day One

Start you up

I've had my review loaner Surface Pro 3 for over a month now, but with the device finally hitting store shelves and arriving for those who preordered, today's the day it goes public. So here are some resources to help you get started with your new Surface Pro 3.

Review. First and most obviously, be sure to check out my exhaustive review of Surface Pro 3. I'm not being modest when I say it's the only review you need to read. Cough. And kidding. Not really.

Complete Guide. I'm also collecting all of my Surface Pro 3 writings into a single, easily accessible document called, for good reason, Complete Guide to Surface Pro 3. This will be updated regularly going forward as I write more about Microsoft's new tablet that can do it all.

Books. This summer, I'll be writing a book called Surface Pro 3 Field Guide. But you should get started with my Windows 8.1 Field Guide, which costs just $2—seriously, $2—and is a complete guide to everything new in Microsoft's latest operating system, the version that comes with Surface Pro 3. Stay tuned to Field Guide Books—also coming soon—for more info on the Surface Pro 3 book as it happens.

Surface Pro 3 Quick Start Guide. Microsoft's 16-page how-to is a great way to get up and running quickly with your new Surface Pro 3. This is a PDF download.

Surface Pro 3 User Guide. This 100+ page book will get you going until my more comprehensive Surface Pro 3 Field Guide arrives. Also a PDF download. (Laugh ruefully at the many mentions of a Surface Mini that would have also supported the same Surface Pro Pen as Surface Pro 3. Maybe next year.)

Surface Pro 3 support. Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 support site is now up and running. (But there's no update history section. Yet.)

More as it comes in....

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