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Sony Talks PlayStation 3

OK, so Microsoft's Xbox 360 is obviously all the rage this week, but Sony would like to remind gamers that it has a little upcoming product called PlayStation 3 (PS3). Here are a few things to consider. Even if Xbox 360 is a runaway success, the PlayStation 3 will likely still be the dominant player, especially when you consider that the current model, the PlayStation 2, has outsold Microsoft's first Xbox by an almost 4-to-1 margin. PlayStation 3 will also outperform Xbox 360 in a few other areas: It will support true 1080p video output, compared to 720p and 1080i on the Xbox 360. The PlayStation 3 will also support the advanced Blu-Ray disc format, which is vastly superior to the DVD format that the Xbox 360 uses. (Blu-Ray drives can play DVDs, of course.) Still, we have no idea when to expect the PlayStation 3, beyond some vague 2006 timeline, and Xbox 360 is here now. If I know dedicated gamers like I know dedicated gamers, the question isn't about which system to buy. It's about which system to buy when

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