Sony Continues to Justify the High Price of PlayStation 3

Sure, a decent PlayStation 3 is going to set you back $600, or about $200 more than a comparable Xbox 360, but Sony has an excuse: It's future-proof. (You know, because no electronics are ever immediately outdated.) "The Price of the PlayStation 3 is high, but you're paying for potential," Sony CEO Howard Stringer said. "Obviously, it's a higher-risk strategy—as all new inventions are—but if the PlayStation 3 lives up to its total potential, I don't think anyone will be worried about Nintendo or Xbox's cheaper price." Anyone but the gamers, that is. But Xbox 360 fans who were hoping for a nice price reduction timed with the PlayStation 3 launch should stop saving their pennies: Microsoft says no price drop is coming. "There are currently no plans for a price drop this fall," Microsoft group manager John Porcaro said

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