Sharing Fitness Activities Using the Microsoft Health App

Sharing Fitness Activities Using the Microsoft Health App

In the latest update for the Microsoft Health app, Microsoft has developed a new capability that allows you to share your activities through Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS text, or any other “sharing” app you might have installed on your smartphone.

Here’s how to do it.

  1. In the Microsoft Health app on your smartphone, locate a recent activity and tap to open it.
  2. Locate the Share icon and tap it and then choose the app you want to use to share your activity.


If you choose to share to Twitter, here’s what Twitter users will see:

For Facebook, here’s an example of that output:


The Shared component also includes a “Public” link so anyone can review your activity on the web (without giving them access to your Microsoft Health dashboard). The link is a long one. Here’s an example from an activity I share to test.


The public share page shows the link visitor the same type of information you see in your own activity in the Microsoft Health dashboard – except the publicly accessible page is also an ad for the Microsoft Band (offers a “Buy Now” link) and Microsoft Health.


NOTE: The “More” sharing option is pretty buggy and sometimes takes two to several taps to make it work correctly.

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