A Secure Wireless Network More Important than Ever

More functions are getting packed into our wireless devices all the time, which makes the devices ever more useful and important to us. Of course that also means that protecting the devices and the communications between them and the servers with which they interact becomes more important too. I was reminded of that by a couple of reports I read recently.

In the Security UPDATE "In Focus" commentary "What to Expect in 2008," January 9, 2008, Mark Edwards cites wireless networks as being ripe for widespread attacks because of the combination of many wireless networks being open for anyone to use and the existence of vulnerabilities in wireless routers.

AirMagnet, a provider of wireless network performance and security solutions, said in a set of wireless predictions for 2008 that "Over the next year, enterprises will understand that WEP is obsolete—better measures must be taken to ensure effective wireless network security."

If you've taken steps to secure your wireless network, that’s great. But if you're still counting on Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) or you think your network might have other weaknesses, you can find help for moving to Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and for taking other wireless network security measures in the articles listed below.

Security Pro VIP articles:

Reaping the Benefits of WPA and PEAP, June 2006
Follow these detailed instructions to secure your wireless LAN with this powerful combination of protocols.

3 Ways to Rein in Your Wireless Signals, April 2006
Foil intruders by containing your wireless Access Point’s (AP’s) radio waves.

Map Out Your Wireless-Security Audits, May 2005
A few hardware and software tools let you put together a visual representation of the wireless networks in your area.

Security UPDATE “In Focus” commentaries:

Tweaking Wi-Fi APs for Better Security, September 21, 2005
Third-party firmware for APs lets you manage transmission output power and shape the pattern and direction of signal transmission. Find out how AP firmware works in this introductory article, then click the following firmware names to learn more about these products: DD-WRT, OpenWRT, Talisman, and Thibor.

Windows IT Pro articles:

Windows Vista’s Wireless Security, December 2007
Learn about Vista’s new features for protecting your wireless clients.

Enterprise Wireless Routers, April 25, 2007
This Buyer’s Guide lets you compare wireless routers and their security features.

Wireless-G: Faster, Cheaper, More Secure, September 24, 2003
An introduction to the 802.11g standard.

Top 10: Tips for Wireless Security, July 2003
This article might be a little dated but still contains some good tips for protecting your wireless LAN from 802.11b's deficiencies.

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